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I grew up with cats and my first love was a big ginger tom called Sandy, from there on I had two kittens as an older child and once I had left home and off to work for many years in civilian posts for the police and Home Office I had small pets such as hamsters, African pygmy hedgehogs, goldfish, Leopard Gecko and snakes (not all at the same time)

In my more mature years with my son we adopted a gorgeous black and white moggy Cupid age 3, who sadly developed cancer at age 16 and had to say our goodbyes to her as she was very poorly with a heart murmur too.

Being cat-less and heartbroken for a while I volunteered for Cats Protection as a cat cuddler for just over two years and in the latter end I adopted Molly a lovely black cat aged 9 (now 12 yrs with diabetes) and then Coco another black cat age 7.  I love them both dearly and would like to home more, but the reality check of pet insurance and vet VIP plans doesn’t allow with my household budget.

I’ve been self-employed the last 10 years as a therapist and during that time because my hours are flexible I have been helping friends with pets.  I even flew to Tenerife and cat/house sat for a friend who had re-homed one of my cat pals who came into Cats Protection during my time there.  A lovely black and white boy called Manni who was born in Dubai, travelled to the UK for a while and now lives in Tenerife, he is quite the jet setter!

Whilst I cannot home any other cats at present I can look after yours with love and great care whilst you are away.

I am currently studying for a diploma in Feline Behaviour.