Friendly and caring cat sitting service

Whether you are off on holiday, away for a few days or working long hours and would prefer your cat/cats to stay in their own relaxing home environment with a trusted visitor, I am available for all your cat sitting needs.

I conduct daily visits either one or two depending on your wishes, staying up to an hour to water, feed, change litter, some light grooming and play time if your cat desires. I am sorry, but I do not carry out visits every other day. It is in your cats best interest to have daily contact and fresh water/food and your cat’s welfare is important to me.

I will also happily deal with any little messes such as hairballs etc.

I can water house plants, feed any other small pets, open or close curtains, set timers for auto feeders or lighting controls, collect post from building up in the hallway. I will clear away empty food containers and remove used litter from your home so that it hopefully smells fresh and clean on your return.

I am also able to give medications as required (including insulin to diabetic cats).

All visits are discreet to not to alert that you are away, my vehicle doesn’t have advertising on it.

If agreed I will send daily photos to your WhatsApp or email, provided your cats are not out patrolling the neighbourhood on my visit.

I am DBS checked (DBS is a lower level than I held at secret level when working for Police and Home Office) I am insured with Cliverton, I am very friendly and approachable regarding any questions or concerns, as well as being reliable. I will treat your home and cats with profound respect as if they were my own.

I can also do occasional overnight stays at your home if desired and take your cat/cats for routine vet visits.